Study the Book of Acts – Wed. Evenings Starting Sept. 18th

We will break for the summer and begin a new season September 18th. Students are encouraged to read the Book of Acts over the course of the summer. By the time we reconvene, we will be well-prepared for a deep dive into this fascinating Book of the Bible.

Curriculum & Materials

The curriculum we will be using is the Kerygma program. It is interactive and engaging. It costs $22, and if you wish to join the group, the office will order the book for you. (If you cannot afford this, please let Pastor Salying know and she ​will make sure you get one.) It is also recommended that students get a good study bible. The Harper Collins or Oxford Annotated bible with NRSV translation are recommended. (Pastor Salying has several of these if you wish to borrow one.)

We welcome you to join us on the journey and enliven your knowledge and your faith!

For More Information

Contact Us for more information or if you cannot afford to buy the resource book.

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