Peace & Justice = Community Outreach to Silicon Valley


The Peace and Justice Committee is a key component of St Thomas’ outreach to support the Silicon Valley community.

Founded upon Our Baptismal Covenant (BCP – Book of Common Prayer, Page 305), which calls us to this work:
Celebrant: Will you strive for justice and peace among all people and respect the dignity of every human being?
People: I will, with God’s help.

Community Issues

There are many issues confronting people in Silicon Valley that need addressing: housing, immigration, education, and police accountability. Additionally, we are confronted with environmental issues such as global warming and pollution that affect so many.


Community organizing for public ministry is a proven way to affect change. Some examples are the abolition of slavery, women’s suffrage, and civil rights.

Organizing on a smaller scale may involve how to get better crosswalks in a neighborhood or increasing safety for cyclists. Community organizing works because many people get involved in action to change. It mobilizes the people most affected by an issue to take charge of getting the change to occur.


What community organizing entails:

First – Relationships
It depends greatly on relationships with between individuals, team members, allies and others who can help.

Second – Details
To address any issue, we need to know details to understand its complexities.

Third – Leaders from Those Most Affected
Our job as organizers is to help the people who are most affected by an issue to select leaders from their own group. Then we help those leaders get their people to cause change.

The people most affected by an issue have the most passion and stories about how the issue is affecting them.

Stories are very important because they are powerful tools in getting decision-makers on the right side of an issue.


Contacting allies and building relationships
Training committee members on the principles of organizing.

WHAT’S HAPPENING NOW by Cal Cornwell & Ann Stevenson

For the Elections of 2020 Sunnyvale must create Council Districts in order to be in compliance with the California Voting Rights Act. We believe this change is important for justice in Sunnyvale. The city has been soliciting public input for district maps.

Our Peace & Justice Committee has been working with other Sunnyvale groups and has jointly drawn a districting map that was submitted to the city. We are pleased that our map (120D) was selected by the City Council on November 12 to represent the voting districts. The Council likewise chose Districts 2, 4 and 6 to begin the sequencing to elect council members for the 2020 November elections.

Switching to district elections with a mayor elected-at-large requires an amendment to the City Charter. This amendment proposal will appear on a citywide ballot in March 2020.

To view map 120D, please go to: and click on Proposed District Map.


If you are interested in participating or learning more, please Contact Pastor Salying.


Stand Up! by Gordon Whitman

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