Join Centering Prayer Group – Weds @ 6:30 PM in Chapel


Come and sit in silent fellowship with us as part of our Centering Prayer Group. At this gathering you will be equipped with everything you will need to explore Centering Prayer and to explore it within our Christian community. We will spend some time sitting and praying together. This is a chance to support each other and encourage a regular structured practice in ourselves, but no long-term commitment is necessary.


Centering Prayer can deepen your spiritual life, helping to build peace and clarity. If you haven’t yet experienced God’s presence in this way, we encourage you to give it a try. Learn more about this Christian contemplative practice online.


The Centering Group meets on a WEEKLY basis in the St. Thomas Chapel at 6:30 PM on Wednesdays.

The first meeting of each month will be the primary meeting, and all are encouraged to attend if possible. Special announcements, speakers and discussions will take place during that meeting. Subsequent Wednesday meetings will be casual and drop-in style.

Please feel free to ask a neighbor, colleague or loved one, regardless of their religious background or familiarity with centering prayer.


We suggest you explore the Center for Action and Contemplation website which has links to various talks, podcasts, books, etc. on contemplative prayer and related topics. You may also sign up for their meditation email series composed by father Richard Rohr.


If you have any questions, are curious, or have concerns, please reach out to the session facilitators, Caroline Harman and Adam Cooper (listed in the July 2018 edition of the Parish Directory) or Contact the Parish Office during office hours at (408) 736-4155 for contact details.

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