Adult Education

Saint Thomas has an active adult education program that offers engaging discussion and study on a variety of topics throughout the year. Most of our spiritual journeys begin with a series of questions.  As a faith community, we actively ask questions, enter into discussions where science and belief meet, and dig into soul-searching subjects that challenge us on what it means to be a Christian. Because we are a community that shares a variety of perspectives, our goal is to create an atmosphere of open inquiry and respectful sharing of ideas and personal stories.

The Adult Education Committee plans and presents classes and forums ranging from single-session programs to short topical series. During a typical year we may focus on themes like spiritual practices, ethics, scripture study, contemporary theology, and history. Our annual book study is a highlighted event. In the fall of 2013, we discussed Karen Armstrong’s book, “Twelve Steps To a Compassionate Life.”

For the latest study schedule, please see Parish Calendar and for announcements of upcoming studies, see Latest News. All associated posts can be found under Adult Education. Click on the topic of interest to read the full post.

Do you have topic suggestions or an interest in leading a study? There are a number of ways to participate.

To learn more, please Contact Us.

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